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I'm a product design generalist focused on great experiences and outcomes for both customers and the business. My process involves understanding customer and business goals via discussions and sketching out ideas with product owners. I then prototype, test and iterate based on feedback. I love discussing and testing with customers. Things I check for: is this useful, usable, understandable, inclusive, accessible? I collaborate closely with Engineering and QA to build and test, then validate production versions with customers. Design isn't done until customers are getting their jobs done.

Here's a few books, podcasts, blog posts, etc that have resonated with me.

I have a varied background in design–from founding a surf magazine to running production at creative agencies. I created with my father. I occasionally write about UX and other subjects on Medium . I've also made a few paintings (links to my previous site). I'm inspired by the California coast and can often be found playing in the waves or with my family on the beach. Happy to chat anytime about product design, art, surfing, or the best restaurants and/or hikes in the Monterey Bay area!

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My archived (Print + Marketing Design) site is here

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